Extra Fees

Extra fees in Estonia 

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) – 5.00 EUR per day for all car groups.

Windows & Wheels Insurance (WWI) – EUR 6.00 per day for all car groups.

Super Loss Damage Waiver (SLDW) - Super Loss Damage Waiver (SLDW) - By accepting the SLDW customer reduces his/her responsibility. SLDW fee is in addition to Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Waiver (THW) fees or Loss and Damage Waiver fee (LDW):

  • Economy and Compact vehicles - 15.60 EUR
  • Intermediate and Standard vehicles - 20.40 EUR;
  • Premium, Luxury, 4x4 and Minivans - 30.00 EUR;

Customer is obliged to fill in Europcar Damage Report and follow General Terms and Conditions of Rental Agreement.

Serenity Package – By accepting this insurance package customer reduces his/her responsibility to 0.- EUR incase of damages or theft.

Customer is obliged to fill in Europcar Damage Report and follow General Terms and Conditions of Rental Agreement.

Border Crossing Fee – The Renter is obliged to pay a Border Crossing Fee of 6 EUR per day with 7 days maximum for 4200 EUR in addition to rental price if taking the vehicle out of Estonia. The fee is included in Drop-off Charges in case of One-way rentals.

Additional Driver Fee - Additional fee for each additional driver is 5.00 EUR daily, with 7 days maximum for 35.00 EUR.

Location Service Charge - calculated into the rental price:

Delivery & Collection - The fee for delivery or collection in Tallinn, Tartu, Kuressaare is 24.20 EUR per service during office hours. Out of office hours fee is 38.40 EUR . The fee for delivery and collection outside of aforementioned towns is subject to agreement with Europcar.

After Office Hour Fee - A fee of 38.40 EUR applies for services out of office hours (18:00 – 24:00 and 00:00 – 09:00).

Young Driver Surcharge - An additional fee 3.60 EUR per day, with 7 days maximum for 25.20 EUR applies for all drivers under the age of 25.

One Way drop off Charges -

Rental Period - Europcar charges (rental and any additional charges) are per 24-hour period from the time of rental. At the end of rental Europcar allows a further 29 minutes free of charge after the time of pick up. After the 29-minute grace period has expired you will be charged an additional full rental day.

Fuel Charge - All  vehicles are fully fuelled at the beginning of rental. If the vehicle is returned with a less than full tank of fuel, the Renter is obliged to compensate for the missing fuel and refueling service charge of 10 €.

Fuel Purchase Option - In order to save time by not refilling the fuel tank at the end of rental the Renter may purchase a full tank of fuel at the beginning of rental, leaving refueling duties to Europcar. Unused fuel will not be compensated for.


All Vehicles can be equipped with following extras:

Child seats

Portable Navigational System

Europcar offers Tom-Tom GPS units for rent. GPS units include maps and voice guides are for all EU countries.

GPS rental price is 12.00 EUR per day with maximum of 7 days 84.00 EUR per rental.

Non Waivable excess in case of loss or damaging GPS or its parts: 200.00 EUR.

Non Waivable Excess

Customers having obtained Loss Damage Waiver and Theft Protection have following Non Waivable Excess:

Fines & Penalties

· Smoking fine - 200€

· Lost keys - 400€

· Lost car documents - 230€

· Broken tire - 200€

· Lost or broken extra equipment - 200€

· Lost or broken vehicle equipment - 500€

· Dry cleaning of a vehicle interior - 200€

· Using/returning vehicle in restricted area - 2000€ + all collection expenses

· Returning vehicle in restricted parking premises - all expenses + adm.fee

Traffic Penalties

Penalties submitted by customer will be added to the Rental agreement and/invoice - Europcars administration fee will be added.

If the customer does not provide penalties during his rental and the rental agreement is terminated, then the client will be debited amounts equivalent to the penalties and the amount of legal costs and administration fee will be added.

Administration fee of 25.00 € per fine will be added. 

Payment Terms

VISA, EuroCard/MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club are accepted as form of payment. A credit card is required as guarantee when using other forms of payment. At pickup, a guarantee-deposit is reserved on Your credit card in the amount of at least the estimated charges of rental but no less than 650.00 EUR. Credit card is not a requirement only in case of contractual customers whose contract stipulates an exemption thereof.

Value Added Tax

All rates are given in EUR and include 20% VAT.                               

24 hour Helpline service

During rental period Europcar customers can turn to Europcars customer service and 24h Helpline. All needed contacts and phone numbers are provided to the customer at the Europcar check-out desk.

For further information please contact Europcar reservation office.

Hansarent OÜ reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.

Call our reservations team: (+372) 6116 203 - Asendusauto päringud (+372) 53 044 055

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