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What are the different types of additional covers available ?

Damage to or loss of the rental vehicle:

  • CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) concerns damage to the rental vehicle  

Injury to, or death of, the Driver and/or Occupants :

Loss or Theft of, or damage to, your belongings:

 In certain countries, the level of Personal Accident cover may be increased by subscribing to an additional policy  "SUPER PAI" and this cover may also be linked to cover for loss or damage to your baggage and/or personal effects "PEC".   Our staff will be happy to provide you with any explanations you may require regarding the availability, cost and benefit levels of these covers.  

Credit card cover / card holder present  

Some credit cards may entitle their holders to a degree of cover for damage to, or loss of, the rental vehicle.   We are happy to recognise such cards and for the card-holder, in such a case, not to avail himself of the protections set out above and to stand liable for any damage to, or loss of, our vehicle.      

Please, however, be aware of the following :  

if you elect to be covered by your card and decline Europcar's protections, you are also declining Europcar's recovery service from liable third parties ; the extent of cover provided by credit cards varies and is usually subject to certain restrictions, in particular concerning the maximum length of rental and the type of vehicle which can be covered. 

Europcar strongly advise you to contact your Credit Card organisation before rental and provide details/proof of your cover when arriving at the Europcar rental location.  If paying for a Europcar vehicle rental via credit card the cardholder must be physically present in order to sign the rental agreement.   







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